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Understanding ARP

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. ARP is used to mapping computer IP addresses to computer hardware addresses. In the next three days, let’s see how ARP works.

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How UDP Works

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. When a computer send out a data packet to destination computer, it will issue a UDP packet that contain both the port number of sending computer and destination computer.

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How ICMP Works

ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol. When IP packets send from a computer to a destination computer on the Internet, it needs to travel via a number of gateways. Each gateway on the Internet will send the packets to the next gateway according to the routing table.

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Linux Server Administration

Most people like to use Windows because it provides a user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI). Llinux platform usually require to type a lot of commands. That’s why most people are unwilling to use linux platform, despite it’s free, more secure and more stable than Windows.

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For many people, the Internet is part of their lives. This category mainly talks anything related with the Internet.

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Web Hosting and Domain Name

This category talks anything about web hosting and domain name industry news, webpage design, as well as MyGreatName products and news.

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Just Blogging

Just blogging and bullshitting anything. It is fun for blogging, sharing knowledge and opinions.

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