Install SSH Program

The first thing to do after you getting a Linux server, whether it is a dedicated server or VPS server, is to download a SSH (Secure Shell) program on your own computer so that you can remote log in and manage your dedicated server. There are many SSH programs available for download on the Internet.

SSH Program

There are quite a lot of SSH programs on the Internet. Here’s just the two most popular SSH programs:

Name: Putty
License: Free

Name: SecureCRT
License: Shareware

Putty is a Windows program, very light and easy-to-use. We will install Putty on our computer and use it to remote log in to administrate our servers.

How to Use Putty

Putty is very easy to use. Take some time to read the documentation or simply open the Putty and try to play around. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Download Putty program to the desktop of your computer.

Putty SSH program

2. Double click the Putty icon on the desktop to open the Putty configuration window.

3. Fill in the IP address or Host Name of the linux server and select SSH as the log in port.

Putty configuration

4. A log in window will pop up. Fill in the log in user name and password. You will log in your linux server within a second, if the user name and password are correct. This is shown in the diagram below.

how to log in putty SSH program

Never create a SSH account for your clients no matter what reasons may be! If a client can login your server by SSH, he may seek some ways to hack and destroy your server.

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