When Do I Start Making Money Online

My making online money history should be dated back to over 15 years ago when I registered my first domain from Network Solutions and set up my first website at about 1996. Like most webmasters, I set up my first website just for fun. Believe me, I did not have any intention to make any online money with my website at the beginning. I just hope that my website can provide a platform for me to share my knowledge with other people that I never met before. The Internet is really an amazing virtual world that I can write anything I like and upload to my websites.

When Do I Think to Use My Website to Make Money Online?

After my first website ran for about two years, the Visitors Meter at the footer was increased from zero to an encouraging number. I think this is quite natural that I began to think if I could make some money with the visitors traffic.

My First Pay Per Click Program.

By that time, I noticed most popular websites had some flashing and attractive banners located on the top, mostly 480×60 pixels Leaderboard banners. In fact almost all monitors by that time were using 600×480 pixels resolution. That’s why 480×60 banner was dominated the online advertisement then. By following the links of the banners, I signed up with my first Pay Per Click company. The company name is ValueClick.com. This is my first online money making affiliate that I joined in about 1998.

ValueClick.com was a famous Pay Per Click program by that time. Publishers required to put the codes of  480×60 pixels Leaderboard banner on top location of web pages. When visitors clicked on the banners, publishers got some money.

How Much Money Did I Earned with My First PPC Program?

I forgot how much did I earned from the PPC program of ValueClick.com. I remembered that I asked ValueClick.com to send me bank check whenever my account accumulated over $10.  In March 2000, I received a bank check from ValueClick.com.  I didn’t cash the check that day but instead put it somewhere on a book shelf. I had no idea why I forgot to cash the check until a few years later when I happened to find the check inside a book! The bank check from ValueClick.com is still keeping in good condition. I took a snap shot of the check and upload to my blog. The picture of the check is shown as below:

Now I am still using Pay Per Click programs to make some online money with my websites. I mainly used Google AdSense, the best PPC programs nowadays, on most of my websites. Of course I also used other Pay Per Click programs to diversify the earnings.

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